Breathing Room

Breathing Room is a solo exhibition at the Indianapolis Art Center, Indianapolis, IN, in 2019. Below are installation images, video documentation and a statement about the work. The work grows from my Studiolo project, where further information about individual artworks in the exhibition can be found.

Often my drawings and sculptures have words or phrases embedded within them. These are usually related to some personal anxiety. The words themselves also reflect human language, and how it forms a rickety and ever changing framework to which our thoughts adhere and find meaning. The fragmented framework on the walls of this exhibition mimics light-framing technique used for houses — 2x4 studs every 16 inches and a 2x10 header above a doorway. I wanted to upturn the static solidity of this structure by breaking it apart into bits, creating a space in a moment of transformation. It is airy yet still visually cluttered — inviting you to breathe, but evoking a cough from all the particulates. This framework reflects how we all have to build out each new day while forgetting others. Amidst all the construction, we try to find a moments to breathe.